Digi-Key is an industry leading in the electronic component market and an outstanding company in the greater business world.  Located in a northern Minnesota, Digi-Key is giant employer in a very small pool.  They have over 3700 employees and the small town they occupy has a population of only 8500.

The small population of their hometown of Thief River Falls presents the challenging task of recruiting a workforce that can keep pace with the rapid growth Digi-Key is experiencing.  They wanted to an ad that would stand out and help pull in more capable people to join their team.

Together with Digi-Key, we came up with the concept of an imagination sequence which could become a unifying component across a series of ads in the future.  We proofed it out with a narrative based on Digi-Key’s great starting pay, which ultimately allowed for us to film some really fun scenes.

In the end, we came out with an ad that brings out the fun side of the company and it’s employees while communicating the fact that working with such a company can bring some great opportunities.


Day Job Daydreams


Digi-Key Electronics

What We Did

Concept Development, Filming, VFX
How The Project Was Received

In working with N Squared Media on a variety of projects, they always bring a consummate level of professionalism, creativity and punch to whatever they produce. A joy to work with.

Kevin BrownVice President, Brand & Marketing - Digi-Key Electronics