Epiphany Station approached us with a new series about the seemingly nice things that people say over and over so much that we all start to believe they are true.

We were given free reign to come up with a way to visually represent that “something’s not quite right” feeling.  After trying out a few different ways to capture that feeling, we finally settled on letting the word distortion fuel the project.

Using glitches and anaglyphic text to achieve the distortion we were looking for, the result is a visually compelling bumper video that teases that something is off early on before finally entering full blown distortion territory.


Pretty Little Lies


Epiphany Station

What We Did

Concept Development, Animation
How The Project Was Received

Working with N Squared Media has always been a delight. There has always been a "We can do that" mentality when it comes to putting ideas into action. The Pretty Little Lies series was a huge hit with our church and the media produced for it really gave people the feel of the series right from the beginning. To say the least, N Squared certainly knows how to make their work provocative and engaging.

Matty TowseLead Pastor - Epiphany Station